Karastan Oriental Rugs: Unparalleled Beauty

There is nothing that adds a touch of royalty and sophistication to a room like Oriental area rugs. If you think that owning such a rug is beyond your means, think again. Karastan Oriental rugs look just like the real thing and will add the same beauty and elegance at a price that, while by no means cheap, is more likely to be within your reach.

Every Karastan carpet is known for its quality, beauty, and extreme durability; their oriental line is no exception. A Karastan Oriental rug is made with top quality materials, giving you the most for your money. If there was ever such as thing as a perfect American made Oriental rug, this is it. The designs on these rugs are made with special non- fade die, so that the colors on the carpet will remain vibrant and fresh looking for years. Karastan rugs are made to endure heavy usage, with the ability to look as good as new when cleaned properly.

Here is a mini guide to introduce you to some of their well known and well liked designs:



Karastan Kirman Rug- These rugs are distinguished by their intricate floral designs, each one more unique then the next. A range of vibrant colors and hues are incorporated into the Kirman carpets, resulting in a breathtakingly beautiful masterpiece.

Karastan Plum Blossom Rug- Not quite an Oriental but with the Oriental design concepts in mind, this rug is made with a more modern motif. It will fit seamlessly into a modern setting, and comes in a variety of different sizes and colors to match the décor in any home.

Karastan Sarouk Rug- Sarouk rugs are made to be exact copies of the original Persian, Turkish, and other Oriental rugs. You can count on these rugs to be exact replicas, down to the last detail.

The Karastan Ashara rug and antique Karastan rugs are also popular and highly sought after choices.

These oriental rugs are made of high quality New Zealand wool, and are woven with great care and precision with every detail. If you want to see a selection of rugs before purchasing one, there are many online websites that offer great sections. Compared to genuine Oriental rugs, Karastan wool rugs are much more affordable. However, their prices are by no means inexpensive, but the discerning shopper will recognize and appreciate their beauty and quality. A Karastan Oriental rug will add unparalleled beauty and grace to your home.

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