Engineered Oak Flooring

Solid oak flooring is obviously the most desirable for the heightened value it will give your home, and the simple namesake of solid wood. Yet real oak floors require tremendous attention, care, concern, and above all financial investment. Laminate wood is fairly cheap and looks decent, but ultimately does not have the beauty or value of wood. It also cannot be sanded to correct scratches or beatings. That’s why you need to consider engineered oak floor boards.

Engineered oak wood flooring is actually 100% real wood. It is a sandwich of anywhere from 1/6 inch to 1/8 inch of finish wood on top and non finish plywood underneath. That, again, is entirely real wood. In fact, having plywood beneath your oak floors is actually preferred. The middle layer, laid cross ways, provides extra strength and lasting durability to the flooring job. You can find engineered boards in a variety of styles, from modern to antique oak flooring.

You can find a great selection of hardwood oak floor stain colors, engineered white oak flooring and red oak flooring being two long-standing favorites. Oak has always had the reputation for beautiful durability. It looks classic in any room you lay it. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the dining room, oak will suit you wonderfully. The engineered versions no less. Two more great points about these floating oak floor boards: they are always pre finished, so that you can walk on them as soon as they are laid (as opposed to unfinished oak flooring), and engineered floors can be sanded. The sanding should be done professionally so as to avoid revealing the plywood underneath, and should be done a limited number of times for the same reason. But still, your scratches and dings are correctible. That in itself is worth thousands.

Ultimately, your decision will have to depend on what your priorities are. If oak laminate flooring’s low prices are what have caught you, engineered floors are not as cheap. Laminate might hold up to moisture better, as well. But if you truly want real wood, and a solid oak floor is simply beyond the budget (as it is for many people), then don’t pass up this opportunity for discount oak flooring. Beautify your home, give it value, and enjoy the lasting results of these oak hardwood floors. Go for the engineered!

Thanks to our friend from Moretons for sharing his insights on engineered oak flooring.

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